Not content to simply dish out samples of their cheeses at events in Houston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, Alouette asked Pavone to come up with a way to draw attention to the company and its selection of products in an already crowded environment. Our answer was to turn the tables and harness the very power of crowds by creating some of our own: lively and unforgettable flash mobs that literally sang the praises of the Alouette brand.

The first flash mob, in the form of 50 amateur and semiprofessional performers, assembled at the Houston Wine & Food Week on June 11. At a predetermined time, members of the mob shed their “casual festivalgoer” attire to reveal branded Alouette T-tshirts. Led by their cheese maestro, the singers then belted out a spirited rendition of the well-known French-Canadian folk song, “Alouette” (with suitably cheesy lyrics added), as more than 2,000 surprised attendees hummed along and snapped photos.

Follow-up mobs made appearances at San Francisco’s Castro Street Fair in October and at the Philadelphia Food & Wine Festival later the same month.

As with any flash mob, a written description does it no justice, which is why we captured the Houston experience for you to sample in the video below. Bon app├ętit!