New name, new TV spot, same family

Change is usually a good thing, even if it does make us a little nervous at times. That’s true of a lot in life – changing schools, changing doctors, changing your hairdo – but people get especially anxious about their money, which is why changing banks (or even the name of their bank) is enough to send some into panic mode.

That was a reaction two New Jersey banks – The Bank and Skylands Community Bank – wanted to avoid when they joined forces to create Fulton Bank of New Jersey. The two financial institutions had been a part of the Fulton Financial Family for many years, but their track record meant little to the thousands of customers who just wanted to be reassured that their financial security wouldn’t change along with the name of their bank.

To help ease the transition, we created a TV spot (below) explaining the name change and introducing the new name. A small village of Fulton Bank’s iconic animated characters pitched in to drive home the spot’s key message, “We changed our name, not our family.” The end result is a 30-second spot that carries out its prime mission – to make people feel better about the changes taking place at their local bank.