Pavone unveils Yuengling Lager/Light Lager TV spots

We all know what a light beer TV spot looks like. A guy trains his dog/monkey/tarantula to fetch beers, a guy gets kicked in the groin/head/stomach, a guy tries to impress his girl/boss/best friend. They’re all funny, but what about the beer?

That question was answered recently when Pavone offered a first-ever public screening of four new Yuengling TV spots at a premiere event in Baltimore County, Maryland. The Light Lager spots, which are airing this month, took a simple approach: Not all light beers look the same (case in point, Yuengling Light Lager) so why should all light beer commercials look the same?

The ads, titled “Black Sheep” and “Simple Test,” were directed by world-renowned TV ad director Peter Nydrle. Peter has worked in the film industry for three decades and has created commercials for Coca-Cola, Reebok, Cadillac and Corona. The Light Lager spots will air throughout Yuengling’s footprint (New York to Alabama) and represent the company’s largest television advertising investment to date. More information will be posted here about the Lager spots when they air in spring 2011.