Bringing a brand to life (one animated frame at a time)

Shipley Energy is the largest locally owned provider of home-heating energy – including oil, natural gas and propane – in Central Pennsylvania. But like any rapidly expanding company, they faced an all-too-common dilemma: how to connect with consumers and humanize the brand while continuing to grow and evolve.

Shipley decided to ask Pavone for help in coming up with ideas for a brand spokesperson who would live on in future marketing campaigns. Early concepts included a mime, a St. Bernard, a genie, and Mother Nature herself, but the option chosen as the future face(s) of the Shipley brand were an animated duo named Lance and Rodney.

Lance (a straitlaced penguin who serves as the brand’s official spokesbird) and Rodney (a parrot who provides comic relief as Lance’s sidekick), are already hard at work for the company. The pair will appear on digital billboards, web banner ads, blast emails and direct mail pieces to promote Shipley’s home heating-options throughout the winter. They even made a TV appearance during the Super Bowl, starting in a 30-second ad that aired throughout Central Pennsylvania – a key Shipley market — during the game’s third quarter (video below).

Although Lance and Rodney’s first task is to promote home heating services in January-February 2012, the long-term plan is to feature the duo in Shipley marketing materials for the next several years.