Turkey Hill gives consumers the experience of a lifetime

Almost every brand wants to be an “experience” for consumers, but few can bring that experience to life in a literal way. That’s what Turkey Hill Dairy did when it transformed an abandoned 19th century silk mill into a 26,000-square-foot family attraction just a few miles from its Lancaster County headquarters.

The new visitor destination, called the Turkey Hill Experience, celebrated its grand opening this past weekend, and Pavone was on hand to help our longtime client make the most of the occasion.

Anyone who visits the Experience will no doubt be impressed with the multisensory adventures within, plus the homage it pays to Lancaster County and Turkey Hill’s ice cream and iced tea-making processes. Judging by how seamless the tour is, visitors might even be inclined to think it all came together easily. Far from it. Converting a shell of a building that had been vacant for 25 years into an interactive tourist destination required years of forethought, planning and, with a little help from Pavone, a boatload of marketing.

But like an ice cream sundae loaded with toppings, it all came together in the end and made a lot of people happy.